“The Beginners Guide to Webcamming” ebook coming soon!

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First Post!

Welcome to Emma Lovett: Adult Models! I’m  and this is my first blog post(: I started this website because over the course of my time as a webcam model and adult entertainment entrepreneur, I’ve had literally hundreds of people from all over the world reach out to me and ask me questions about my work. They want to know how and where to get started as a cam model or they’re curious about the business side of it and the income potential. Some are webcam girls seeking advice after struggling to achieve success.


I use this website to allow potential models to sign-up for a chance to appear on my very own webcam show, The Emma Show! But as there is a limit to how many beautiful awesome girls and couples I can have on my show I am also using this as a platform to give general advice on webcamming and the business aspect of it.



When I was 18 I married my best friend and soulmate Eddie. After struggling financially in our first year of marriage we decided to try our hand at doing live webcam shows. We’ve had awesome success and learned a ton about camming and the adult industry in general. After answering countless emails on the topic of webcamming and creating a business around it, Eddie finally decided we should put all this knowledge and advice into a short, informative ebook. We’ve been working on it on and off for almost two years and we’ve been updating it throughout several milestones in our business. A lot has changed but two things that remain constant are we still do our webcam show almost every day and we are still enjoying every minute of it!

The lifestyle

When we first started doing this work our lives changed dramatically. It was a nice feeling having the money to pay our bills as well as a bunch of extra cash to do the things we enjoy. We were able to double and triple our budgets when looking at apartments and cars. We could afford better food and take trips. We could now eat out at fine restaurants and not worry about the bill. At first it felt like a dream but after more than three years in business we realize this is a stable, consistent income.

But the income potential is not even the best part about this work. Its actually enjoyable! The freedom to wake up whenever you want and take as many days off as you want is really cool(: Working from home has its perks and working only a couple hours a day isn’t too bad! For me entertaining has always been a joy. And I’m a girl who already loves taking selfies and beautifying myself so I might as well get payed for it! I also love being able to spend all my time with the man I love and building our relationship. We would highly recommend camming to any couple. I can go on for days about all the reasons I love this business but I think Eddie put it well in the first chapter of the ebook.

Why Webcamming?

Okay so on to the goodies! Here is an excerpt from the first chapter of our upcoming ebook, “The Beginners Guide to Webcamming”:

(click below)

Chapter 1: “W?”

If you have any questions about our upcoming ebook or webcam modeling in general please feel free to . I’m here to help so don’t be shy!(:



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