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Eddie and I were recently featured in a documentary about our webcamming work. We filmed in Arizona and then finished up in Croatia. Here is one of the many articles on the new show which aired on Channel 4 in the UK:

This is our second TV spot following our feature on HBO. Documentary series such as these bring great exposure and publicity to your business and create traffic spikes to your website. In our upcoming ebook we will teach you how to use media attention to boost your notoriety and bring sales to your adult membership site.

Below is a screenshot from our actual google analytics page showing the spikes in traffic following spots in mainstream media:

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  1. Hey, I cant see the screenshot for your analytics data spikes .. Also there is some russian text that is leftover from (what im assuming is) the website that owned this domain before you. But on the other hand.. Found out about you and everything you do while me and my boyfriend were just enjoying ourselves and came across your videos. Did a bit more research and ended up here!

    Ive always considered webcaming or even just using my empty house to rent out rooms for models. Id love to get in contact with you and get your take on some things and get some of my own questions answered! I live in Scottsdale, Arizona but feel free to email me anytime! Maybe we can go from there. – Ches

    ~20 years old; 5’8″; Very curvy @ 140 lbs.; C cup; Redhead/Strawberry Blonde~

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