Getting Publicity as a cam model

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Sex//Now on HBO

Early Stages

It was early 2013 when Eddie and I were first approached by Chris Moukarbel, a filmmaker, who was contacting webcam models to ask them questions for a new project. Chris had just finished his first documentary, Me @ The Zoo, which premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and is part of HBO Documentaries Summer Series. He was working on a new documentary about sex and technology, with the main focus being webcamming. Chris understood right away that Eddie and I were passionate about our cam work and asked us if he could fly out to Scottsdale for a few days to shoot us for his new HBO docu-series. We were more than excited to have him come out.


We started shooting footage for the show in April. Chris wanted to capture what a regular day was like in the life of a cam couple. So he filmed me getting ready, hanging out on The Emma show in public and yes, even doing a Gold Show live on cam! And this is HBO so they are allowed to show A LOT. (One time we were flipping the channels and stumbled across a random part in the show. It was just a long scene of Eddies naked man ass pumping away over the table lol).

The intro to our part in Sex//Now shows me and Eddie getting naughty outside in the Arizona desert, right next to a road, in slow motion. Theres also a long and intimate sex scene in the living room at the end. We really got lost in the moment even though we were live on cam and had a camera crew in the room. The last day we shot a pool party scene which was really fun. They filmed us with an underwater camera having sex in the pool! So yeah there is a lot of sex.

Sex//Now Premiere

The show premiered on Jan. 2, 2014 in the US. We loved the entire episode but really enjoyed watching our part (obviously). It was so much fun shooting with Chris and Luke and we wish them great success with the series. You can watch Sex//Now on HBO Go anytime or catch it when its on HBO at night usually(: Here is a short, SFW snippet from the show:


Chris was contacting many cam girls before me who were unwilling to even speak to him. Many made the mistake to assume he wasn’t legit but failed to do the appropriate research. In my ebook I talk about the importance of friendliness, networking and how that can lead to BIG opportunities. When a strange man contacted me claiming to be filming a documentary for HBO, I could have simply shrugged it off and not given him the time of day. But being the friendly cam model I am, I heard him out, looked him up and saw that he was for real. Then it was up to me to make sure he became more interested in our story than everyone else’s.

I also understand that many cam models are private people. The last thing they would want is to have their work in webcamming exposed to the world on network television. However, becoming successful as a cam model is a lot like becoming successful as an actor or model. You need to try to build and maintain a buzz and learn how to craft a good public image in order to earn the most money and be exposed to opportunities. You certainly can’t accomplish that by being reserved, shy or private.

While its definitely possible to make a whole lot of money camming on the DL, what I teach is how to build a long term BUSINESS in the Live Cam industry. A business needs a brand and a brand needs to be promoted. As a cam model, you and your online persona are the core of the brand. So get yourself out there! It’s not easy to build a buzz but once you have it, it’s crucial to keep the momentum swinging.


For more advice on how to promote yourself as a webcam model, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to start and grow a business centered around live cams, check out our ebook; The Beginners Guide to Webcamming.



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