“I truly relish being an entertainer but my real passion is teaching other women how to become independent and successful in the live webcam industry.”


Quick Bio

Emma started her career in webcamming in 2011 at the age of 19. Since then she has consistently impressed with her uncanny ability to attract and entertain audiences and monetize on her personal brand. As a webcam performer she has been a Top Model ($15K+ monthly) for over 7 years. She has won 7 industry awards for webcamming including winning 4 years running at the Live Cam Awards. As an entrepreneur Emma has created multiple income streams through membership websites, affiliate marketing, amateur content programs, merchandising and dozens of other projects. She has been featured in 2 documentary series on webcamming, recently finished a docu-fiction short film and is currently working on a full feature documentary with HBO in Europe. As a coach she has personally trained over 20 people to make money as webcam performers. Emma is an avid underwear model and social media influencer. She is a vegan and has worked closely rescuing dogs and finding them homes. She is an animal rights activist and an advocate for sex worker rights.

Emma is currently living in Budapest with her husband Eddie and their three adorable rescue dogs.

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